‘Rethinking Languages through COVID-19’: A Competition for Year 9 Students (NI Year 10)

We are delighted to announce the winners of our competition! A huge well done to all involved – it was a tough job picking from 141 entries. Congratulations to our winners, who will receive book tokens.

First prize:

Edward, Hinchley Wood School

Second prize:

Ellie, Boroughmuir High School

Third prize:

Lydia, Tala & Connie, St Marylebone Church of England School

Highly commended:

Rumaysa, Samira & Sumehra, Westcliff High School for Girls

Highly commended:

Hannah & Amara, King Edward VI High School for Girls

Highly commended:

Neelkantha, The Perse School

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered one of most serious and widespread crises in living memory, with its impact being felt in almost every corner of society. As we move out of lockdown and begin to shape our “new normal”, this competition gives you, Year 9 Languages students, the opportunity to reflect upon and respond to the crisis. The competition invites you to do a little bit of research on how COVID-19 has affected an area in which a language other than English is spoken. This could be a language you speak outside of school, are learning independently, or are studying in school

To take part in the competition, we would like you to do two things: 

1. Do a little bit of research on one of the following three topics: 

A. The vocabulary of COVID-19: which new words have been created in the language you are studying/you speak? Which existing words have been used a lot in the last few months?

B. How has life changed in the society in which your language is spoken? How have people changed their habits?

C. How do you imagine the post-COVID future in the country or region? How will life change? What can be improved?

2. Once you have chosen a topic, we invite you to produce a poster presenting what you have found out. You can include a glossary, images (photographs or drawn images), other illustrations, written explanations.

You can work individually or in groups of up to four. 

How exactly you design your poster is up to you, but it must contain some words in the language you have chosen. When we choose the winners, we will be looking at the following criteria: layout; images; research/cultural awareness; language; originality.

Prizes will be awarded for the winning entries and a selection of posters will be displayed in an online exhibition.

Your poster must be entered in the competition by your teacher. Even if you create your poster at home, all entries must be sent by a teacher – see teacher information for details.

Download handout

Download teacher information

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